Exciting Announcement: We’re Collaborating with Aptron to Boost Web3 Security!

2 min readMay 30, 2024


As we witness the surge of AI innovations, the synergy between two groundbreaking technologies — Web3 and AI — promises extraordinary advancements. Aptron exemplifies this fusion by developing an AI protocol for Real-World Assets (RWA), GameFi, SocialFi, dePIN, and businesses.

We are thrilled to announce Securr’s partnership with Aptron, ensuring that users leveraging Aptron’s cutting-edge solutions are secure.

Securr will provide the following services to Aptron:

1. Smart Contract Auditing: Our thorough auditing process guarantees that Aptron’s contracts are secure, reliable, and free from vulnerabilities.

2. Bug Bounty Program: This initiative harnesses the power of the community and top ethical hackers to continuously fortify Aptron’s security framework.

3. Penetration Testing: By simulating attacks, we identify system vulnerabilities, enabling proactive measures against potential threats.

About Securr
Securr is a leader in Web3 security solutions, offering a pioneering bug bounty platform and smart contract auditing services. With over five years of experience and a track record of serving more than 200 companies, Securr stands for reliability and excellence in Web3 security.

This exciting partnership is set to elevate security standards and empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic Web3 landscape. Stay tuned for updates on how this collaboration will revolutionize Web3 security for the better!

Securr’s X profile- https://x.com/Securrtech
Securr’s Website- https://securr.tech




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